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It is hard to be critical about a movie like Dikkiloona, which doesn’t take itself significantly. You are not supposed to search for logic or choose factors at encounter benefit, which, in this scenario, is Santhanam trying to provide you a time-journey film. It’s the normal ‘counter dialogue’ fare—which is so yesterday—that you get in all of his films, which include his a lot more new ones like A1 and Parris Jeyaraj. Every thing is, by style, mindless in Dikkiloona mainly because the idea is to make you snicker and entertain. The dilemma although is, it does neither, as director Karthik Yogi confuses silliness for humour.

I did not intellect the unreliable narrator played by Nizhalgal Ravi, who claims to be from a super-distant long term when the Earth is useless, and human beings have supposedly colonised Mars. However, his long run turns out to be an anti-climatic moist squib, a lot like Santhanam’s a lot of ‘counters’. As for the story, there is not substantially else than what you suspected from the trailer. Mani (Santhanam) is an EB lineman in 2027, who stumbles upon a dilapidated motor vehicle boot that prospects to an underground lab teeming with scientists working on a time equipment. They are short of a system to make the equipment run. Thanks to Mani’s interruption, Albert (Yogi Babu), the lab’s janitor, who is conveniently the hero’s childhood buddy, will get electrocuted and wakes up superintelligent, spelling out the components. With the assistance of Albert, Mani goes again to 2020 to stop his wedding, which appears to be the only challenge in his daily life.

Which is the concern with Dikkiloona. Like its protagonist, it does not aim for also substantially. Fail to remember the moon, it does not even go for the ceiling. Budget could be cited as a challenge, but that argument doesn’t maintain water following what director R Ravi Kumar pulled off with Indru Netru Naalai. The actual dilemma with Dikkiloona is the paucity of inventive producing. We get the exact same aged self-deprecating strains introduced at Chitra Lakshmanan. The only matter that labored, at the very least for me, is the Shawshank Redemption-esque bit—forgive me for the comparison—that will come at the finish of the movie. And still, permit me explain that the movie isn’t unwatchable, mainly I feel due to the fact of its predictability. It demands little from you. It is like the tune that will come up routinely whilst you are driving, and you never have the time or electricity to modify it.

We will have to also recognize that this film, for the absence of a superior term, is problematic. Sexism is at the core of the story. It is about a guy wishing to quit his wedding and that wouldn’t be negative if each mistaken in Mani’s life had been not attributed to the women in his lifestyle. Also, look at how swiftly the movie resorts to unwanted fat-shaming, sexism, and regressive humour we believed were unattractive relics of the past. In a single scene, Santhanam universities one of the female prospects, Meghna (Shirin Kanchwala), about how a ‘good girl’ should costume. That took me into the previous. Hey, what do you know—this is possibly what they intended by time-vacation film.

Director: Karthik Yogi
Cast: Santhanam, Yogi Babu, Anagha, Shirin Kanchwala
Streaming on:  ZEE5

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