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HYDERABAD: The thoughts is a migrant. It travels across distinctive realms bringing collectively deep mysteries that attempt to get expressed through will work of artwork. And artists are the conduits for the identical.

The yr 2020 for numerous practitioners of artwork has introduced deep reflections main to more expressions. Photographer-artist Akshita Gandhi’s on line exhibition ‘Traveling Souls’ explores this through surreal blended media artworks of digitally re-worked images.

Her operates amalgam astral planes and cityscapes to current distinctive dimensions. Suggests the 32-12 months-previous practitioner of artwork, “The lockdown gave me substantially time to check out the concept of astral travel. I examine a lot of books. And when I was in the US, I explored the New York General public Library for the linked literature. I manufactured my notes and reflected on my findings.

At the similar time, deep meditation also helped me a great deal.” She blends images of the cityscape of Mumbai with paint and other media. Numerous of her photos are taken from a moving auto which provides the frames a liquidy high quality almost in wave designs identical to what brain generates when it’s in deep meditation stages. Her artworks are blended with her author buddy Anukrti Upadhyay’s writing. The culminated opuses are on show.

She adds, ““When I am generating and Anukrti is crafting, our souls travel.” The motion mirrored in her oeuvres also symbolises the journey that the soul usually takes across distinct realms and plains. “The ability we have in just us as souls is unparalleled. Our bodies are our properties, wherever we are confined. And it’s wonderful experiential confinement which sales opportunities to a lot more journeys,” she states. Lots of people today could hook up with her is effective given they also replicate hope in these instances when almost everything all around has turned bleak.

“At this time of pandemic which has claimed so numerous lives, it is pretty crucial that folks get a information of hope. The past six months generated the idea of introducing men and women to static construction and the chronicles that they normally explain to even in the moments of silence,” she states. The exhibition is curated by Anna Mikaela Ekstrand, a curator based mostly in New York Town and is presented by ATO Gallery and Cultbytes.

She has exhibited her works in London, New York, Dubai, Miami and Amsterdam and analyzed Good Arts in Dubai. The items are pretty spontaneous and provide a vary of experimentation. The exhibition is on until Oct 15.

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